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You walk in the direction of the pharmacy and follow the markings: Nordic walking paths and European culture trail past the border stone garden.

At the Kurparksee area there is a farmer garden, a training beehive, outdoor training equipment and the Bänk´les Rout.

From St.

Martinus Church (built 1757 in Rococo style and renovated in 2003) follow the signs: RÄUBERLAND-Weg 3(Räuberkopf) and Nordic Walking (Hotel Lamm- elsavital-Trail/gelb), pass the Hotel Lamm and behind the water wheel (the former roller mill), go uphill until you reach the chapel Herrin der Berge on top of the plateau.

The chapel was built in 1853 and received a small porch in 1930 (good weather protection when hiking).

From here you have a fantastic panoramic view of the Spessart forest.

Continue right past the chapel on the same mark until you reach Volkersbrunn.

You have to cross a road and then continue walking across the meadow.

Now follow the signs: Spessartweg 2 and Nordic Walking (Hotel Lamm Elsavital-Trail/gelb) to the hamlet Heimathenhof with the hotel and restaurant Heimathenhof.

The chapel Maria Heimsuchung from 1804 is also worth an interior visit.

Many weddings and baptisms take place here.

The path now leads past the equestrian farm and continues along the Spessartweg 2 marking and the Nordic Walking path.

You come down to the Höllhammer (former iron hammer) in the Elsava valley.

From here, turn right onto a new marking - you follow the marking: H3.

At the top of the forest you walk a little bit away from the markings and look for the Rexroth cemetery (a little bit uphill).

Then follow the H3 signs to Waldsee.

This idyllic place invites you to linger.

From here we continue on the H3 to the music pavilion.

From the music pavilion follow the signs: European Culture Trail and Nordic Walking signs.

You pass an old railway and a goat enclosure and reach St.

John's Church again.