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The starting point of the shaft hike is the car park in the centre of Buchenau.

From here you follow the mark "Pestwurz" through the wooded valley of the Pommerbach up to the Lindberger Schachten.

Over the flat wavy plateau we now pass through the Zwieseler Filz on a plank to the Kohlschachten.

The hike continues through the "Latschenfilz" area, past several small moor lakes to the idyllic Latschensee.

A little later the Hochschachten is reached.

The unique panoramic view compensates for the effort of the ascent.

From the Hochschachten you follow the marking "Borstgras" to the mountain meadow "Alm" and further to the "Verlorenen Schachten".

This is where the descent to the Frauenau drinking water reservoir begins.

Along the valley of the Little Rain stream you reach the reservoir about two kilometres later.

There you hike south to the dam and follow the sign Buchenau.

Our tip: If you don't want to travel by car, take the Falkenstein Line No.

1 bus from Zwiesel train station via Unterzwieselau to the starting point of the Schachten hike.

Conclusion: A challenging hike in the varied landscape of the Schachten and Filzen.Rules of conduct and safety informationThe national park philosophy of "letting nature be nature" enables natural forest development.

This also includes dying trees.

Please pay special attention to the danger of falling deadwood, especially in strong winds.

In the core area, there is a rule of the marked paths, i.e.

the marked paths must not be left, especially in winter, in order to protect stress-prone animals such as the capercaillie.

All information and rules of conduct can be found on the site of the Bavarian Forest National Park.