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The name says it all, this tour leads through wonderful valley sections up to the "Horst", the highest elevation of Bad Orbs.

Except for the sections "Haseltal" and "Haberstal" the route leads along forest paths and easy gravel paths.

After an easy start in the Hasel valley, you go up to the car park "Am hohen Kreuz".

Here the route changes to the "Eselsweg", a long-distance hiking trail in the Spessart.

Sometimes along a forest path, sometimes along an easy gravel path, the donkey path in this section leads to the "Burgjosser Heiligen", the Rosskopf and to the car park "Sieben Wege".

From the car park, you first take a gravel path towards Pfaffenhäuser Grund, then a forest path and finally a path towards Orbquelle.

A narrow hiking trail now leads to the "Stierruhquelle".

We pass the golf course and climb up to the Horst, the highest point of the tour.

After reaching the highest point, the tour leads on a varied route via the Bieberer Hütte to the Pfarrküppel.

Here a washed out forest path waits for the mountain biker before he reaches the Haberstal Trail via another narrow forest and meadow path.

This is the last challenge before Haberstal and Bad Orb come within reach again.