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This 11.3 km long Spessart trail attracts hikers with its magnificent views over the Kinzig valley to the Vogelsberg.

A detour to the old town of Steinau with its wealth of cultural experiences is well worth it: The castle, a secondary residence of the lords and counts of Hanau, as well as the old town centre under the sign of the Brothers Grimm invite you to immerse yourself in Steinau's eventful past on the street.

Where the Brothers Grimm spent their childhood, once the residence of the Grimm family, the Spessart track runs through the Kinzig valley, the natural area of the northern sandstone Spessart.

Surrounded by fields, here and there accompanied by trees, the hiker lets himself fall into the lap of the Kinzig valley - one of these moments of happiness: alone on the open field, free and yet safe.

The view wanders towards Bellings, three nature reserves are nearby.

The Bellinger Berg of the nature reserve of the same name rises strikingly in its appearance - as a dense mixed deciduous forest area with flora rich in species it belongs to the most important excursion areas in southern Hesse.

The vineyard is also nearby - in the Middle Ages wine was cultivated on the ridge, and until the middle of the 20th century agriculture was practised, as evidenced by the remains of the field margins parallel to the slope.

To the south of the Bellinger Warte, in the middle of the forest lie the Neudorfwiesen near Steinau - for the protection of species and biotopes of supra-regional importance, alternating damp and dry mountain meadows are protected there.

But soon a clearing announces itself.

After a short sniff of woodland air, the route continues over meadows and fields until the path leads the hiker to the small village of Seidenroth.

Leaving Seidenroth behind, the route leads in a western curve around the "Langen Berg" through dense woodland.

Lined by meadows and fields, the last part of the Spessart trail leads along a field path to Steinau - back to the starting point of the hike.