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Medieval history comes to life at the historical sites of the Drei-Burgen-Weg.

The way back is via the "Spessartfährte" in Sterbfritz and the Spessartbogen.

The tour starts in Schlüchtern at the former monastery at the Kinzig bridge.

From the train station, follow the access road marked "Spessartbogen" to the Kinzig bridge.

Then it goes along the Mauerwiese and "Zum Brückchen" over the Brückenauer Straße and Hospitalstraße into the Ludovica-von-Stumm-Straße and right into the Gartenstraße.

From here the path to Schwarzenfels Castle is marked with a yellow drop.

The first highlight is Brandenstein Castle.

Worth seeing is above all the wooden museum built by the deceased granddaughter of Count Zeppelin, Isa von Brandenstein, as well as the Siebold collection with many rarities.

Franz von Siebold is an ancestor of the present lords of the castle.

After the idyllic Schwarzbachtal you reach the birthplace of the humanist Ulrich von Hutten - the ruins of Steckelberg Castle - which invites you to linger.

With so much romance, one tends quickly to forget the arduousness of the former knight's life.

Here you can also make a detour to the nearby Ramholz with its castle.

The castle Schwarzenfels forms the conclusion of the "Burgenperlenkette", which sits majestically on a dark basalt cone and allows overwhelming views over the Spessart, into the Sinntal and into the Rhön.

Over the peace road it goes down to Mottgers.

Follow Brückenstraße, turn left into Hauptstraße and then into Sterbfritzer Straße.

From here the cycle path R 2 leads to Sterbfritz.

Here the tour meets a "Spessart-track" of the Spessartbogen, which leads you over the nature reserve Weiperzberg to the premium hiking trail.

Via the Teufelskanzel and the nature reserve "Weinberg" near Hohenzell we return to Schlüchtern.