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Lohr's waterwayAre between the Fischertor and the Ampelstein, the Lohr waterway, Lohr's character as a trading and industrial town is revealed.

The (driving) force was a large number of mills working on the canals of the Rechtenbach.

On the way back to the city you get an insight into the history of traffic in Lohr, where the Spessart Museum in the former Rienecker Castle presents exciting stories from our homeland.

Directions: Our 6 km long circular hike in Lohr starts at the Fischertor, where up to forty master shipbuilders once practiced their craft during its heyday.

On the marked path you reach the town stream, where the craftsman quarter, especially the tanners and dyers, was located.

Along the Rechtenbach you will come across a number of mills, including the lower paper mill, the first of its kind between Mainz and Nuremberg.

At the foot of the Schanzkopf, the hiking trail reverses at the "traffic light stone".

After a wonderful forest path the hiker has two possibilities to get back to Lohr: he can either walk through an impressive hollow path called "Klapper" or choose the path to the Valentinus Chapel and the descent via the Way of the Cross.

The last stop is Lohr Castle, which houses the Spessart Museum.