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Picturesquely nestled between the hills of Spessart and Odenwald, there are 20 charming villages that offer a multitude of rewarding discoveries for connoisseurs, connoisseurs and those seeking relaxation.

Dreamy villages and small towns, sunny vineyards, massvie fortresses and romantic castles - that's what Churfranken stands for.

A magical landscape, perfect for awakening the joy of life anew.

hikers and cyclists will be enraptured by the superbly constructed paths in the beautiful surroundings.

Culture and history enthusiasts cannot get enough of castles, palaces and magnificent half-timbered houses.

Whether on foot, by bike, ship or train - Churfranken's historical treasures and mysterious walls are conquered in many ways.

And word has already got around that one knows how to enjoy on the lower Main.

The famous Spätburgunder, which matures here on sunny terraces, is the ideal companion, whether for a hearty snack or a refined star menu.

Traditional guesthouses and small hackers' taverns are full of tastes along the way.

Not to forget the proverbial lightheartedness of the cheerful Churfranken and the kind hosts, who take care of you with cordiality: Best views for unforgettable days - where the main is most beautiful.