A cruisy narrow car track run with great views of Arinsal









This cruisy blue run offers great views of the resort looking directly over the snow park and the majority of the resort.

You join the run from a intersection with Bony Vaques at the top of the steep section.

La Solana is the "easy" way down, avoiding the steep section of Bony Vaques and offering the easiest route down from the top of Arinsal.

The run is basked in sunshine all day and is usually soft as the slope is cutting across a south facing slope.

Avoid on a whiteout day, with no features around this can lead to disorientation very easily.

This is a narrow run from the get go and doesn't changed for the whole run, until joining Les Fonts.

The run has a green gradient but because of its narrowness you have to be able to control your speed and turn with confidence.

Towards the end of the run there is a ninety degree bend to the right which widens slightly and steepens to a blue gradient before joining Les Fonts.

Birds watchers run! Nested above the run you can find Vultures, keep a eye out in spring time for them circling above Pic Negre, the central peak of Arinsal.