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RouteParking area Ferienzentrum/Langlaufzentrum (Röckkellerstraße) - Büchlweg - Klautzenbach - Irlenweg - Ableg - Emairiegel - Schachtenbach - Kiesstraße - Quarzbruch - Hennenkobel - Rabenstein - Parking area Ferienzentrum/LanglaufzentrumBahn + Bus Tipp - City bus stop Röckkellerstraße - Distance to railway station: approx.

5 min.markings: red 29characterOn historical glass maker pathsPaternoster der Glaser founded before 1421 a travelling glass works in today's village Rabenstein, which in its early days produced rosary beads (paternoster beads) and buttons made of glass.

In the course of time the hut ate itself further and further into the forest.

New companies were founded in Ableg, Schachtenbach and Regenhütte.

On this tour you can experience the long distances that the glassmakers covered in the early morning hours and after a 12-hour working day, in summer as well as in winter, in wooden shoes.

On this interesting hike you will experience the beauty of our forests and learn something about their importance for glass production.

From 1822 to 1865 there was a world-famous glassworks in Schachtenbach, which produced the highly esteemed "Beinglas" from Schachtenbach.

The proud tradition of Schachtenbach's glassworks is still testified to today by broken glass, which can be found even more frequently in the surrounding area.

Little by little the inhabitants of Schachtenbach left the hamlet and the houses were demolished.

Only the former forester's lodge, built in 1905, still stands today.

The Schachtenbachrunde is a medium-difficult circular hiking trail through a magnificent mixed forest with a glass-historical background.

The forester's lodge (resting place/backpack catering) in Schachtenbach is reminiscent of the Schachtenbach glassworks (1822-1865), which became world-famous for its "leg glass".

Among other things, rose quartz was broken in the quartz quarry for glass production.