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The Regentalradweg leads us along an easy, family-friendly route from the German-Czech border in Bayerisch Eisenstein am Großen und Schwarzen Regen as well as along railway lines via Zwiesel, Regen, Patersdorf and Viechtach to Landkreisgranze Regen/Cham near Krailing.

Between Bayerisch Eisenstein and Ludwigsthal we can choose between a western route and an eastern route, which leads us through Czech territory for the first five kilometres.

eastern route: The first three kilometres we have to cycle uphill to Deffernik, before we can roll downhill via the Ferdinandsthal border crossing, first along the Großer Deffernik and then to Zwiesel along the Großer Regen.

After the German-Czech border at Ferdinandathal we arrive at Zwieslerwaldhaus.

There we turn right and shortly before Ludwigsthal we come to the junction of the west and east routes of the Regentalradweg.Westroute:The west route leads along the Great Rain downhill via Seebachschleife and Regenhütte to the junction of the west and east routes just before Ludwigsthal.Ludwigsthal offers with the Haus der Wildnis and the Herz-Jesu-Kirche two particularly interesting excursion destinations.

From here the next stage leads us along the Große Regen downhill to the Glasstadt and the climatic health resort Zwiesel.

Here we find not only many glass manufacturing and glass refining companies, but also the nature park house is worth a visit.

The big rain here flows into the black rain, which we cross and then leave the city of Zwiesel towards the south.

Until Schweinhütt we cycle parallel to the B11 and have to climb a small hill, which is rewarded with a wonderful view.

Now we can let the bike roll downhill again and reach the dammed up rain about three kilometres later.

We cross this road and arrive in the district town of Regen.

Along the Black Rain we cross through parks and along the river promenade along the city.

The following section is much more mountainous than the previous one, as we leave the flat Regental to Viechtach.

We leave the village of Metten behind us and turn right at the roundabout.

After the ascent we should not miss to turn around in front of the forest and enjoy the view! Over the places, Sallitz and Sohl we drive constantly easily uphill and reach the climax in Altenmais.

On the descent to Neumühle/Patersdorf an der Teisnach we can relax our leg muscles and get momentum for the next ascent.

Until Fernsdorf we have to pedal hard again, before the next five kilometres we go downhill again.

Shortly afterwards we reach the climatic health resort Viechtach, which lies in a valley loop of the black rain at the foot of the Pfahl-Höhenzug.

The pile is one of the most important geological natural monuments in Bavaria and runs for over 150 km from Nabburg to Passau.

One of the most striking points of this quartz reef is at Viechtach on the B85.

The last stage leads us from Viechtach along a former railway line via Fichtental always slightly uphill to the district border Regen/Cham near Krailing.

At Fichtental it is worth making a detour to the dammed up Schwarzen Regen, the idyllic Höllensteinsee.

And for those who haven't had enough at the border of the district: the Regentalradweg leads even further to Regensburg!