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The hiking trail from Regen via Bettmannsäge to Zwiesel begins at the beginning of the spa park in Regen near the Ludwigsbrücke bridge.

Parking is available in the Falter car park right next to the private brewery J.


Falter or in the multi-storey car park in Bachgasse.

As a special delicacy you can visit the old beer and ice cellars in Regen.

The path is marked with the logo of the river hiking trail, two stylized black waves on a white ground.

If you start from the Ludwigsbrücke bridge into the Kurpark, you can be inspired by the sculpture path and hike along the fish trail boards to the end of the Kurpark.

From here the Rodenstock footbridge leads over the rain to the other side of the river on an asphalted cycle path to the town of Regen.

At the hay bridge you change back to the opposite side of the river and find yourself in the light-flooded floodplain forest.

Careful observers can spot traces of beavers near the shore and, with a bit of luck, even a beaver castle.

The hiking trail always leads straight ahead here.

The tour ends in Zwiesel at the Grenzlandfestplatz.

At the crossing of Langdorfer Straße and Regener Straße you can already see the 1st Dampfbierbrauerei Zwiesel on the opposite side of the road.

To get to the station you cross Langdorfer Straße and follow the Kurweg to the pedestrian bridge at Angerplatz.

From the Ziegelwiese you walk along Lagerstraße to the railway station.

The Waldbahn runs from here every hour back to Regen.