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A river, a small river, lakes, wide woodlands, meadows, farmland and vineyards.

This is how nature presents itself around Bürgstadt, which lies at the mouth of the Erf into the Main in the southwestern bend of the Main quadrilateral.

The wooded mountain ranges of the Odenwald on the one side and the equally wooded heights of the Spessart on the other side of the river Main hold a network of almost 60 kilometres of extensive hiking trails.

Some supra-regional routes also lead through the area.

There are therefore no limits to the direction and duration of the excursions.

It is an experience of a very special kind, for example to hike through lush green vineyard slopes in early autumn.

With this hiking map, the publisher has tried to arouse interest in the forest as a local recreation area for citizens and guests.

The paths in Bürgstadter Gemeindewald are marked with signs at the junctions, so that it is not too difficult to find your way around.

The parking lot Stutz or the parking lot at the tobacco hall is indicated as the starting point for most of the mentioned paths.

From the town hall the ascent takes place via the footpath at the Trieb.