The sportive run









To ski along slope number 5 you exit the Lärchkogelbahn to the right hand side and follow this wide, flat beginning part until it splits up in two separate runs.

The so-called "sportive slope" is a typical red run, with moderate steep and flat sections - perfect for either sportsman, delightful skier or pro.

A few years ago this area of the Planai got massive extended to sides, which payed off very well.

Accordingly there is plenty of space to carve through the whole run, especially the middle section is a nice challenge, as it is the steepest part of the slope.

Due to the huge area the slope barely gets busy, a fact every skier appreciates.

The sunniest hours will be around midday because it takes a while until the sun reaches this wood surrounded area.

When you approach the bottom it could be a bit crowded as the Planai West II gondola has it its top station there and brings up many skiers.