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Under the sign of SchifffahrtWörth, the River Main is the dominant feature: first as the border of the Roman Empire, later as the centre of shipbuilding - and again and again as a result of flooding.

Wörth and the Main - a community of destiny.Directions:The Romans already built a fort and a harbour here on the Main.

At that time the Main was the border of the Roman Empire, the so-called "wet Limes".

To this day, Wörth is characterised by its location on the Main.

Because of the frequent flooding, a new, higher-lying district was planned in the 19th century.

The 10 km long circular trail begins here at the market square.

It leads into the old town centre to the church of St.

Wolfgang, which today houses the Schifffahrtsmuseum von Wörth - a unique combination of Gothic architecture and modern design.

Not far from here stands the wonderful old town hall from the Renaissance, which today houses the Roman Museum.

The cultural trail continues to the Roman fort, which, in a rare case, was not built over by the later town of Wörth.

The remains of the fort have been preserved underground to this day.

A little further inland you will find the Roman camp "Feuchte Mauer", a barricade of earth that was probably the first Roman fortification before the fort was built on the banks of the Main.

Finally, the circular path leads to two mighty sandstone columns - the gallows of Wörth, erected in 1754.

However, at that time it was only set up for prestige reasons - a gallows on which no one was ever hanged.