The Blue run from the top of the world.









The run starts from the very top of arinsal, with views of Arinsal, Pal, Spain and France, with the Spanish boarder only a few metres away marked by orange markers.

You start the run at the top of the Port Negre chairlift passing the top of the El Coll drag lift in the shadow of Pic Negre.

The start of the run is pretty narrow but has a easy gradient and isn't much of a challenge, as you approach the intersection with La solana the run takes a right turn on to the meaty part of the run.

The run drops away to a lovely descent with a wide piste and a tough blue gradient.

Usually one of the best places to find great snow and piste conditions, Bony Vaques is a great place to train for the step up to red runs.

Sometimes the run can get a little crowded, especially along the narrower top section, but on the whole is a run that sees medium traffic.