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The mountain bike tour, which is also suitable for families, leads past eight mountains through the Hessian Spessart around the spa town of Bad Orb and can of course be taken in both directions as a round tour.

However, the route described below is recommended.

After a moderate ascent and reaching the average altitude level, the tour is flat in parts and therefore also suitable for less sporty riders.

Start and finish of the 30 km long tour is the bus station of Bad Orb in the Austraße.

The first section leads westwards through Bad Orb along the museum railway line and the Gewerbestraße to the Geigershallenweg.

The path leaves the city at the height of the football pitch and reaches the Aufenauer Höhe after approx.

4.6 km.

After another 2 km you reach the first peak at the parking lot "Dreiländereck".

After a short descent and a subsequent ascent, you will reach the third section on the Lauzenberg.

The tour leads slightly uphill to level on the fourth section up to the Oberen Markberghütte.

On the fifth section you reach the roof of the tour with 406 meters of altitude difference.

The sixth sector leads over the road junction to the seventh section.

From there it goes over the Wintersberg downhill again in the direction of Bad Orb.

Once you have arrived on the asphalted road, you can reach the old town of Bad Orb in a few minutes downhill or follow the path on section 8 to a small detour into the Hasel valley with its beautifully situated Hasel pond.

The trail then leads from the Hasel Valley back to the starting point at the railway station.

The respective sections are indicated on the blue signs along the route.

Bad Orb offers numerous possibilities for a relaxed and enjoyable end to the mountain bike tour.

The Bad Orb restaurateurs will spoil you with hearty and exquisite dishes and refreshing drinks, where you can recover from the tour and recharge your batteries.

Don't miss to get to know the romantic old town of Bad Orb on the historic city tour with 33 stops and its lovingly renovated half-timbered houses - among others, you will also find the narrowest half-timbered house in Hessen.

Or you can stroll through the spa park and admire the old graduation house, which is surrounded by a sea air climate.