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In the centre of Gotteszell there is a hiking board.

Here the path starts in the direction of Kalvarienberg, which first leads to the church square on the right.

From there it goes to the left through the archway and straight through the meadow path, along the fence up the mountain, at the edge of the hiking trail are the stations of the crossroads.

Already after the second station, a seating group invites you to take a breather.

Then the hiking trail leads into the forest - idyllically it now climbs steeply in serpentines.

A railing makes walking on the natural stone stairs easier.

Wonderful deciduous forest makes the strenuous ascent an experience.

And you are rewarded for your efforts up on the mountain: with a magnificent view of Gotteszell and an impressive view over the mountain ranges of the Bavarian Forest.

A mountain chapel, the crucifixion group and the Mount of Olives encourage meditation on the summit.

The locals still use this footpath as a small pilgrimage today.

And every year, the faithful celebrate the last May devotions on Calvary in the form of a procession of lights, and those who do not want to descend the steps choose the small path on the left.

On the Apothekerweg (pharmacist's path) you can comfortably return to the village.

Conclusion: a short pilgrimage hike in a dreamlike setting.