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Starting point is the "Napoleonstürmchen" at the Mauerwiese.

From here you go left along the Kinzig to the Kinzig bridge, cross it and continue straight along the Kinzig road until you reach the edge of the forest, where you turn right and continue in a westerly direction along the so-called "Panoramaweg".

Enjoy the beautiful view! After approx.

1.2 km the road continues straight on to the road from Schlüchtern to Hohenzell.

From here you walk a short distance to the right (direction Schlüchtern) and after approx.

50 m turn left into a service road, which you follow straight ahead.

After approx.

600 m you will reach Niederzell.

In Niederzell turn right into the Akazienstraße and follow it downhill straight ahead.

Follow the Kastanienstraße towards the centre of Niederzell until you reach the bus stop.

Turn right there, direction Hauptstraße.

Cross the bridge and follow the road over the Kinzig (bridge) straight ahead in northern direction until the next fork in the road.

From here to the right you walk - always straight ahead - again in the direction of Schlüchtern.

After approx.

1 km you reach the street Forsthausweg.

After another 200 m, follow the sign to "Bahnhof" (railway station) to the left.

At Schlüchtern railway station, go through the underpass and follow the path behind the tracks leading to "Acisbrunnen".

At the viewpoint "Lieserhöhe" (to the right of the path) you have a wonderful view over the town and the surrounding landscape.

Continue on the hiking trail "SLÜ 6" straight ahead until you reach the L 3180, which you cross and continue parallel to the railway line until you reach the "Ziegenbergbrücke".

Cross the street to the right and take the slightly sloping farm roads back to the town.Abbreviation possibilities:From Forsthausweg back to the town centre (Forsthausweg, Vogelsbergstraße, Alte Bahnhofstraße)From the railway station back to the town centre (Bahnhofstr, Obertorstr, Unter den Linden)