The best red run in arinsal, its got everything!









Tub Estadi runs parallel with both the Port Negre chairlift and El Coll draglift, which can offer quick loops using the draglift.

This is a great red run, starting off with a steep opening, sweeping down a wide slope which offers good riders the chance to open the taps on a great steep red run.

Half way down the run changes completely to a half pipe esq twisty turny gully, offering a chance to practice those short turns, or keep the pace fast and ride the walls of the gully for a fast descent.

The run opens as you approach the bottom, be careful with the speed though as the run joins the beginner busy blue run, Port Vell.

Due to its location next to two main lifts the run does see it's fair share of traffic, and some of it not welcome, the run can look like a battlefield sometimes when eager riders wander onto the attractive run after viewing it from above.

The run is best enjoyed in the morning before it gets to busy, it also enjoys the sun from first thing and holds it snow well.