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The tour does not require any increased driving requirements.

It runs largely along forestry tracks, but also has a delicacy to offer.

There is also the possibility to change to the mountain bike trails of the Spessart Bike Forest at the Kahl spring.

After rolling in in Roßbach, the route first climbs moderately at the edge of the forest, later in the forest in two stages.

Once the meters of altitude have been reached, the route always runs at the same altitude for some time, so that you can cycle in a relaxed manner.

After another short ascent you reach the dance place, with the highest elevation of the tour at the Birkenhainer Straße.

After a border change from the Hessian to the Bavarian side, the tour leads down to the Kahl spring.

Strengthened by a break at Bamberger Mühle, the tour now leads to Dr.

Kihn-Platz on Birkenhainer Straße on the Hessian-Bavarian border.

This place was dedicated to Dr.

Karl Kihn, one of the pioneers in the development of the Spessart as a cultural landscape.

The gentle trail along the Birkenhainer Straße now requires some attention.

During the trip you can already think about whether you want to return quietly to the Biebertal or whether you want to tackle the Bieberer Pfädchen.

If you decide for the Bieberer Pfädchen, you can turn left at the first houses above Bieber and after a short drive on an asphalted road you come back to this road.

If the quieter option is chosen, the route continues on a forestry path down into the Bieber Valley.

Over a meadow path which leads again briefly through a small wood, one reaches Roßbach again.