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Spirkelbachtal, Eselsweg, Hindenburgstein, Beilstein and the route of a narrow-gauge route are striking sections and tour points of this tour.

Trails, forest paths and forestry tracks characterise the route.

After the start at the Schafhof in Burgjoß, the tour leads into the Spirkelbachtal, which at first is wide and later narrows and rises.

At its end the donkey path waits for the mountain biker.

This section of the long-distance hiking trail is a highlight of the tour and a must for every local tour driver.

The thick E determines the course of the route even after crossing the state road to Hindenburgstein.

The further course is determined by the route of the old narrow-gauge railway, which once connected the road junction with the former military training area near Lettgenbrunn.

Past the Hoher Berg nature reserve (old basalt quarry) and the Beilstein nature reserve, you descend on a short trail to Lettgenbrunn.

The route now leads over forest and meadow paths into the Schwarzen Grund.

Now the forces must be mobilized one last time.

On a forest path it is a bit more challenging uphill, before the route - combined with a wonderful view into the Jossatal - leads down into the Wettergrund near Oberndorf and from there back to the starting point.