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The starting point of the hike is the centre of Moosbach near the village fountain (parking).

The Rote 9 hiking trail leads clockwise past the church of St.

Johannes and the cemetery towards the Moosbacher Pfahl nature reserve.

Walk along the pole and the crossroads on the right hand side and after approx.

100 m cross the Voggenzeller Straße.

At the end of the Way of the Cross a crucifixion group (Calvary) and a grotto (tomb of Christ) with life-size apostle figures are reached.

The rest of the way leads along Viechtacher Straße in the direction of the B85.

Here you can visit the nearby lookout point "Tierstall".

In an open cultural landscape you now walk via Tafertshof in the direction of Prackenbach.

Before Prackenbach you have to cross the B85.

Continue via Maierhof and Igleinsberg to the lavishly restored Kesselboden Chapel.

Nearby there is a Celtic sacrificial bowl (Keltenstein), the spring behind the chapel is supposed to heal eye problems.

From the vantage point at the old quarry you have a wonderful view.

On the way back, after a few metres, turn left into a forest path that leads to Neumühle, rich in forests.

At Neumühle, follow the state road to the right for approx.

200 m before turning left again towards Moosbach.

At the Kunzenweiher a group of tables invites you to rest.