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The bike tour along the Elsava, past a former monastery leads to the "heart of the Spessart" - to the famous moated castle Mespelbrunn.

The route, mainly on an old railway line and therefore relatively flat, impresses with its varied landscapes and historical monuments.

The starting point is the Obernburger-Stern-Info-Point at the Anna-Kapelle in Obernburg.

Drive over the pedestrian main bridge to Obernburg-Elsenfeld station, where the long-distance destinations "Eschau/Mespelbrunn" are signposted.

At the end of Elsenfeld, near the school centre, you will find the cycle path, which from here largely runs along the old railway line.

On the way to Rück-Schippach you can already see from a distance the steep vineyards of the vineyard "Rücker Schalk".

In the direction of Eschau, the tour takes you past the wonderful Himmelthal monastery, which is embedded in the valley and which offers a moment of peace and quiet.

Cross the country road before Eschau and follow the cycle path to the roundabout - a short detour to the information centre "Burglandschaft" is worthwhile.

The signs lead you from the roundabout further in the direction of Unteraulenbach, past extensive orchards.

If you like, make a short detour from the hamlet of Unteraulenbach to Oberaulenbach with its small, romantic Renaissance water castle (15th century; visit from outside only) and a small animal enclosure.

In Hobbach you can visit the St.


A section with an almost untouched cultural landscape follows, accompanied by the slowly narrowing Elsava.

Shortly before Heimbuchenthal you drive past the Höllhammer, a former iron hammer, which did its service here in former times in earlier times.

Then cycle on to the baroque church of St.

Martin in the town centre and then parallel to the main road in the direction of Mespelbrunn.

Halfway up, the view falls on the adventure golf course, which is harmoniously embedded in nature and promises lots of fun for young and old.

In Mespelbrunn you turn right and, hidden in a secluded Spessart valley, you reach your destination: the famous moated castle Mespelbrunn.

With fresh impressions you drive the same route through the wonderful Spessart landscape back to Obernburg.

tour highlights1 Kloster Himmelthal: Rück-Schippach, former Cistercian monastery from the 13th century.

2 Information centre "BurglandschaftMain4Eck": Eschau, near the town hall, exciting information about the castles in the Spessart-Odenwald region3 moated castle: Oberaulenbach in Renaissance style (15th century) - between Eschau and Hobbach4 Höllhammer: former iron hammer (around 1700)5 Elsava spa park: Heimbuchenthal with lake, music pavilion, a real locomotive, border stone garden, wooden sculptures and multi-generation sports equipment.

Baroque church of St.

Martin (1753)6 Adventure golf course: 18-hole miniature golf course on 3,500 sqm; www.adventuregolf-raeuberland.de7 Mespelbrunn moated castle: over 600-year-old, picturesque Renaissance castle with lake and park and the famous landmark of the Spessart.

The picturesque castle became famous as the location for the feature film "Wirtshaus im Spessart" (1958; with Lieselotte powder).

Privately owned by the Echter von Mespelbrunn family.

Open to the public; closed in the winter months.

www.schloss-mespelbrunn.deEinkehrtipps1 Café Restaurant Horse stable: exclusively open to visitors to the castle, Mespelbrunn2 Hotel Engel with café: dining in a cosy atmosphere and at a large cake counter, MespelbrunnE bike charging station: Eschau: MarktplatzHobbach: FesthalleHeimbuchenthal: HeimathenhofHeimbuchenthal: Old ChurchMespelbrunn: Hotel Engel