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Alsatians, Dedio, Giron, Thoma and Fleckenstein are widespread family names in the Upper Kahlgrund.

When after the witch burnings and the plague in the 17th century only five people still lived in court towns, new citizens from Alsace settled in the village around 1650.

The traces of these families can still be traced today: at the Kahlbrücke bridge, directly at the Schöllkrippen railway station, there is a signpost to Laudenbacher Strasse (0 km), on which the Marienweg (Marian Way) to Schneppenbach points us in the right direction.

In the Waagstraße the old half-timbered house no.

43 on the left side impresses out of town.

After one kilometre beside the state road, partly on the cycle path, we reach Schneppenbach, which belongs to Schöllkrippen.

In the village the Marienweg runs along the main road in the direction of Westerngrund and before the end of the village turns left into the Bergstraße.

At a tree with a bench we leave the Marienweg and follow the bicycle symbol straight ahead.

On the most beautiful cycle path in the upper Kahlgrund, which is also an ideal hiking trail, we first walk along Schneppenbach, then through a shady, green meadow with all kinds of wild flowers.

Shortly before Hofstädten we come across the Schöllkrippener connecting path S5 at the level of the village community centre 150 metres away, which we follow to the left (3.4 km).

Feel hungry or thirsty? Then we turn right at the sports field and walk along a narrow meadow path past the children's playground to the village shop in Spessartstraße.

The inhabitants of Hofstadt organised it as a joint project.

Coffee with cake and cheese sandwiches taste good.

The hot counter offers daily changing dishes.

At the village shop there is also a bus stop for the bus to Schöllkrippen.

Continue on the hiking trailThe S5 meets the Schneppenbacher main road, and after a left-right combination we climb up Schönebergstraße to the signpost Schöneberg (4.5 km).

Here we leave the S5, turn left and follow the connecting path S3 until we reach our destination in Schöllkrippen.

On grass paths it goes up and down, with a view in all directions.

We pass the sign Weizenbach (5.2 km) and the sign Schneppenbacher Höhe (6.3 km).

Shortly after, you will see the Kalmushof restaurant on your right.

After a short distance on the district road from Schöllkrippen to Krombach we dive into the Kalmus forest and after leaving the forest we reach the signpost Kalmus (7.7 km).

A few steps left of the signpost we stand on the balcony of Schöllkrippen.

From a seating group framed by three walnut trees we look at the heart of the Upper Bald Ground and its surroundings.

In the 19th century there was an ore mine in this area with the beautiful name Beschert Glück.

Manfand cube ore of leek green colour and other minerals, for example goethite and romanethite.

Due to the high arsenal content and low yield, production was stopped and the mine was later backfilled.

After our descent from Kalmus through the new Schöllkrippen area, the S3 reaches the Schöllkrippen station.

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