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We follow the original route of the ARBERLANDUltra Trail 2016 and 2017A challenging trail on rooted paths and narrow forest paths with technically difficult stone passages and numerous climbs.

We start at the Bodenmais market square and walk along Kötztinger Straße, then turn into Bahnhofstraße and follow it to Arberseestraße.

Here we cross the Rothbach and turn into the Dirnauweg, where we slowly go uphill, especially when we turn into the sunny slope.

We cross the railway track and leave the tarred road a few meters after the bridge and follow the Red 1.

Always looking at the Silberberg, we climb the Silberberg road towards the summit.

After the last houses of the village, we turn left into the dense forest until we reach the tarred road.

There we turn left to the valley station, pass the houses and then turn right onto a narrow trail (Grüne 9).

This leads us over hill and dale further up until we leave the forest at the edge of the ski slopes and reach the middle station.

Behind the guesthouse we walk up the stairs to the "burnt-out place" and then on a fantastic trail (Rote 7) up to the summit of the Silberberg.

We briefly enjoy the view over Bodenmais and then return to the mountain station.

This time we continue straight ahead and at the end of the ski slope on the Red 7 into the forest until we reach the crossroads where we turn right on the Red 10.

Past the "Gottesgab" we walk down the stony forest trail until we reach the second gravel road, which we follow on the left until we reach a bank at the edge of the road.

There we take a sharp right turn onto Grüne 22, which takes us steeply down to Böhmhof.

We cross the railway track and follow the Red 9 to the Ant Trail, a play trail for children in the forest.

Soon we meet a forest road (Green 4), which we walk up to the Kuhalm and then aim for the Kronberg.

The initially inconspicuous ascent to the summit cross awaits us steep and rooted.

From there a narrow, winding path (Rote 4) takes us further to the forest road, which we follow to the left and walk comfortably to the Gutsalm Harlachberg (follow the signs).

There a steep, short ascent to the Harlachberg summit awaits us, where we allow ourselves a short break and enjoy the panoramic view of the coming kilometers.

A narrow trail over stick and stone (Blaue 5) leads us through the dense mixed forest until shortly before Böbrach (hiking trail changes to Blaue 4).

In the town centre we walk along the Bodenmaiser Straße up to the Plattenweg and then follow the Blaue 7 up towards Sternknöckel.

From there the narrow path (red 6) leads us to the tarred road, where we turn sharp left and after a few metres turn right again onto a dirt road (red 5).

We follow this through a fantastic forest section to the horse farm, where we leave the forest and walk left to the Hotel Mooshof.

Always the red 3 along it goes now up to the high fall.

The ascent is wonderful to walk and leads through fairytale forest landscapes to the waterfall.

There we cross the bridge and then turn left onto path no.

6 (green), which takes us to the "Tausender".

Here we cross the forest road and immediately walk back into the forest (Blaue 7) until we reach the Hüttelschachten, which is particularly attractive in summer for a short break.

We cover the last meters to the Goldsteig on a narrow trail.

At the top we turn right in the direction of Großer Arber.

The Goldsteig offers everything a Trailrunner's heart desires: fantastic views of the Bavarian Forest mountains and steep, narrow, rooted trails in the middle of pristine nature.

The trail ends shortly before the last ascent to the summit on a forest road, which we cross and follow a small meadow path, which is designated as a cross-country skiing track.

On beautiful summer days, an impressive view of the Alps opens up here.

We turn left into the Arbersteig (Grüne 2) and take the last meters on the steps "Himmelsleiter" to the summit plateau.

From here it is only a few flat meters and a final sprint ascent to the summit cross of the Great Arber.

At the highest point of the Bavarian Forest we are rewarded by a 360° panoramic view over the Bavarian-Bohemian low mountain range.

We follow the gravel road to the top station, turn right, walk past the two guesthouses and come to the long-distance hiking trail E6, which leads us to the "Brennesfichte".

A technically demanding downhill to the Großer Arbersee follows on rooted, stony ground.

Concentration and skill are required here.

Shortly before the lake the road changes and we walk on a gravel road up to the shore.

At the Arberseehaus you cross a small bridge into the forest and turn right onto hiking trail no.

9 (green), which leads steeply up to Bretterschachten.

From the forest road we turn into the Grüne 1 and follow it until we reach the "Kleiderhaken".

Here our way leads to the right to the Mittagsplatzl, a viewpoint high above the Arbersee with an impressive view.

Continue down the "Himmelsleiter" in the direction of Großer Arber and continue on path no.

2b down to the left to the Forststraße and on the Auerhahnstraße (Grün 3a) back to the "Kleiderhaken".

On the hiking trail no.

1 (green) we walk on the right hand side, on stony, narrow trails towards Hochzell and Bodenmais.

After a steep downhill, our path branches off to the right onto a narrow root path in the direction of Rißloch Falls (Grüne 12).

The stony paths are a dream for every trail runner, but are also heavily frequented by hikers.

This is where mutual consideration is required, especially on fine summer days.

We turn right and follow the Red 2 over the bridge and on to the "Schweikelruh", where the last ascent of the tour awaits us, which is short but not to be underestimated.

The path winds steeply up to the lookout point, which is a little hidden to the left of us and rewards us with a fantastic view.

The last few meters we walk loosely through the forest and meet a forest road, which we follow in the direction of the valley.

Once on the tarred road, turn left onto Green 3 and walk past a barrier back into the village.

Passing the Joska Glashütte we cross the Bahnhofstraße and walk along the Kötztinger Straße up to the market place to the starting point.