The European cultural circuit "Spessart-Polka" counts because of its changing landscapes and the numerous magnificent views to the most beautiful round tours in the Spessart. After an ascent through meadows and field landscapes with fantastic The path leads along the edge of the forest to the Waldmichelbacher Hof. On the downhill through shady woods and later along the edge of the forest in In the direction of Straßbessenbacher village centre the views of the Spessart and its valleys as well as the renewed ascent to Klingerhof.


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FATMAP difficulty grade



From the community centre to the right along the road "den Berg up the sidewalk.

Pass the tennis courts on the gravel road.

At At the fork, follow the gravel road downhill to the left between fields and meadows. After crossing the stream, turn right.

Sharp left of the stream bed to the left of the path. follow.

At the junction turn right onto the cycle path uphill through Meadow landscapes.

Keep half left at the fork on the cycle path.

At the junction at the edge of the forest with the historic hiking signpost (2.9 km) turn right onto the gravel road uphill towards Waldmichelbach.

At the fork left and immediately right again into the woods on the path parallel to the Gravel road.

At the junction turn left onto the gravel road to Waldmichelbacher. Farm (4,0 km).

Cross the Waldmichelbacher Hof.

Left onto the cycle path uphill into the forest.

At the crossroads, turn right at the signpost into the gravel road.

At the junction with the gravel road on the right.

Half right on the junction with the Forest road.

Along the edge of the forest.

Turn left at the junction of the cycle path.

At the junction at Eremitagekreuz (7.4 km) turn right. steeply downhill towards the village.

At the church, turn right onto the pavement into the Würzburger Street.

At the junction turn right into Dorfstraße.

At the fork turn left into Bachstraße.

Turn right into Hofstraße.

At the fork at the crossroads with of the rest bench to the right.

At the crucifix left steeply uphill.

Through the Klingerhof (9.6 km) to the crossroads.

At the Crossing right downhill through the meadow landscape.

At the confluence with the small Turn right at the first street.

Cross the bridge and cross the stream.

Before the roundabout take the across a narrow road.

Cross the main road and turn left onto the footpath and cycle path. parallel to the road.

After the bus stop turn right into the Ludwig-Straub-Straße.

The tour ends at the Gemeindezentrum Bessenbach.