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The starting point of the hike is the Tourist Information in Bodenmaiser Straße in Böbrach.

There is plenty of parking available in the immediate vicinity - both at the kindergarten and at the sports field 200 m away.

From the starting point, follow the markings on hiking trail no.

4 (square, blue), which leads out of the village along Bodenmaiser Straße.

At the end of the village, take the small forest path above the Bodenmaiser road and, after crossing the road connecting Bodenmaiser with Maisried, you will reach Maisried.

Passing the small settlement and the car park for hikers, we descend through the forest into the Rothbachtal.

Then over the Rothbach and the path uphill east around the Ochsenberg, followed by a short descent before you hike uphill again.

Shortly before Untersteinhaus, a small settlement on the slopes of the Rothbachtal, you walk through slightly hilly terrain.

After crossing the state road 2136 you reach Kothinghammer.

Take the road on the right which runs parallel to the main road and then northwards.

At the connecting road Waid-Bodenmais you go in an easterly direction to Bodenmais.

The hike ends here at the western edge of the village in Teisnacher Straße.

Conclusion: An idyllic hike to Bodenmais, past small settlements.