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A hike for the happy family outing.

Starting point is the tourist information at the B11 in Bayerisch Eisenstein.

From here the path leads first in an easterly direction to the outskirts of the village.

Behind the station, turn right and follow the signs for path no.

10 (green, square).

From here the ascent to the highest point of the tour begins, which is reached after about 2 kilometers and about 100 meters of altitude later.

The descent leads into the valley of the Schmalzbach and the second crossing of the stream continues in a westerly direction.

On a detour to the idyllically situated Schwellhäusl inn, you have to follow the road north along the Ruselhäng, the northern slopes of the Hochberg, and along the Brandriegel on a paved forest road.

Before a sharp bend to the right, go straight ahead along a forest path (hiking trail no.

9 - square, green) to the edge of the forest, then follow the railway tracks in an easterly direction to the underpass and cross it.

Coming from the west, you then return to the starting point of the hike.

Description no longer current after route change, will be reworked soon.

We ask for your understanding]Conclusion: An easy hike for the whole family through the near-natural forests of Bayerisch Eisenstein.leafletsHiking area Bayerisch EisensteinBehavioural rules and safety informationThe national park philosophy "Let nature be nature" enables natural forest development.

This also includes dying trees.

Please pay special attention to the danger of falling deadwood, especially in strong winds.

In the core area, there is a rule of the marked paths, i.e.

the marked paths must not be left, especially in winter, in order to protect stress-prone animals such as the capercaillie.

All information and rules of conduct can be found on the site of the Bavarian Forest National Park.