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Meadows, woods, water, pilgrimage chapels and views characterise the picture of the Kahlgrund-Dreispitz trail.

It is a circular path and follows the tried and tested traditional paths Fränkischer Marienweg, Birkenhainer Straße and Degen-Weg.

In particular, it is the unique views that make the Dreispitz Weg unique: The Kahlgrund-Dreispitz circles the Kahlgrund mainly on high-altitude paths, which in many places provide a view of the lovely Kahl valley: its charming orchard meadows, its lush meadows, its undulating hilly landscape in the transition zone to the legendary forests of the Spessart.

From Hauenstein and Vormwald, from Eichenberg and Edelbacher Höhe, from Hahnenkamm and Weinberg Apostelgarten - almost everywhere you can enjoy fantastic views as far as Spessart, Odenwald and Taunus.

Like pearls on a string, churches, chapels, small candles and wayside shrines line the path: symbols of popular piety and godliness as well as the Marian worship of the bald founders.

Traces of former mining and lost glassworks, cigar makers, pearl embroiderers, stone crushers and market women are also waiting to be discovered.

The Kahlgrund is also something very special in culinary terms and invites you to enjoy it: From a snack plate with press sack, blood and liver sausage and hand cheese, trout, cider and homemade schnapps to beer from Schöll cribs and meadows, traditional inns with beer gardens offer everything the heart and stomach could desire after a hike.

Markers: From Hahnenkamm to Kihn-Platz it follows the D of Degenweg, from Kihn-Platz to Frohnbügel of Birkenhainer Str.

(B) and from Frohnbügel to Hahnenkamm it follows Fränkischer Marienweg.