A scenic medium level red with varying terrain


Analysing terrain data








After leaving the Rothorn station, the first section is an open rolling pitch, dropping away to the left and right, with views over the glaciers and mountains to the East.

At the end of this section, take the right hand path traversing under the face above you, and dropping away around the corner to the right at the end.

The slopes leads you down the gully to the left heading South into the sunshine, before dropping away briefly to the right and then on a short left hand pitch, which is a little steeper (the steepest section of which is on the right).

There is a flat area at the bottom of this section, with the turn off to the left for Fluhalp.

We continue to the right, on a medium steepness open section, under the Rothorn peak, which then leads to a wide track back to just above the top of the Patrullarve chair.