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We drive from Niedernberg down the Main, past the Seehotel and the Honisch Beach (1) on the officially signposted Main cycle path through Großwallstadt, which is famous throughout Germany for handball.

The cycle path leads us along the banks of the Main to Obernburg (passing the Roman Museum (2)).

We cross the Mömling, drive under the B 469, direction Eisenbach.

On the right side flows the Mömling and on the left are the foothills of the Odenwald.

We cycle past the Wallaumühle mill into the village of Mömlingen and pass the Mömling river again.

At the end of the village we turn left and follow a steep path for about 300m (10% gradient) through the fields until we reach the edge of the forest.

Afterwards we continue downhill, past the excursion restaurant "Wenigumstädter Höfe", to the last gradient, before we always go slightly downhill to the village Wenigumstadt.

We cycle along the Pflaumbach to Pflaumheim.

At the end of Gartenstraße we turn right into "In der Au", cross the main street and reach Großostheim via Pflaumheimer Sportplatz.

Then we turn right into Kunostraße and continue along Riegelstraße until we reach Maßpforte.

Here we turn left and after a few meters straight ahead we come to the market place of Großostheim.

The Bachgau Museum (3) is only 30 metres from the market square and is well worth a visit.

Afterwards we cycle approx.

200m back to the signposted cycle path, drive along Jahnstraße and Amselweg to the village exit and then cycle on the cycle path to Niedernberg, past the landmark of the village, the 41m high water tower, called "Langen Adam", back to the starting point of the cycle tour.