Rocky Chute on The Wall









The Beast lives up to its namesake.

This gnarly chute can be found directly off the Top of the World Chair.

Once you get off the chairlift taken the incredible panorama that is the Top of the World and see the Rocky Mountains spread out before you.

Directly in front of you is the entrance to the wall.

Proceed past the gates and the cute past Peyto's on left is the Beast.

Navigate through the rocks at the top and drop in.

When the snow is good this truly steep line offers incredible tuns.

It can get some Suncrust in the spring but generally holds really good snow.

Descend to the valley below.

There are some small cliffs and features to explore on the way down.

Meet up with Kiddies Corner and to the Paradise chair that will bring you back to the top of the mountain, where you can either popVertical Cornice offers a truly steep run with the massive cornice at the top to drop off of.

Take a right off the Paradise chair and head down the cat Track and look for the entrance on your right to Vertical Cornice.

Check out to the area below you choose your entrance.

View is fantastic with Redoubt Mt.

in front of you, the Purple Bowl and Lipalian Mt.

on the right.

Drop off the cornice into the main run.

This area tends to be sheltered and usually maintains good snow.

The pitch is steep in the fall line is quite long.

There're some small cliffs below you that you can either navigate or launch off of.

Continue down to Kiddies Corner and out to the Pika Cat Track and back to the Paradise Chair.

The wall is a truly steep area with many options to explore.