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The beautifully situated Hirschborn ponds, the ascent to Alsberg, the Eselsweg, the Söhlchesweiher and the Orber-Grenzweg are outstanding features of this tour.

Forest paths and trails determine most of the route characteristics.

After the start at the Salmünster sports field, the route leads to the Hausen district.

Passing Schloss Hausen you reach the nature reserve Waldweiher after a relatively short drive.

A forestry trail leads from here to the Hirschborn ponds.

At the end of the trail the route leads to the other side of the valley, where an open oak and beech forest makes the tour up to the ascent to Alsberg entertaining.

After crossing the Kreis-Straße (K 888) you go very directly on a forest path up to Alsberg.

If you can see the pilgrimage church in Alsberg, you have made most of the ascent.

It only goes uphill for a short time in the city centre and one has arrived at the highest point of the tour.

You will be compensated with a wonderful view of the Kinzig valley, the Vogelsberg and the Spessart.

The second reward for the strenuous ascent is the subsequent ride along the donkey path.

The Eselsweg is a long-distance hiking trail through the Spessart.

It takes its name from the donkey caravans in the Middle Ages, which brought salt from the salt works in Bad Orb and Fulda to Miltenberg for embarkation.

After crossing the donkey path with the Spessartbogen, the tour follows this to the Söhlchesweiher, to leave it again immediately.

An undulating forestry path leads to the Orber border path.

Via Haselberg and Große Kuppe, the route now leads down varied sections of path to Salmünster, the last and longest reward of this tour.