A long blue that takes you all the way down to Wengen village.


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From Kleine Scheidegg this long blue run takes a very gently sloping route alongside the train line and is crossed by #44 at the line of the Wixi chairlift.

It is quite unremarkable and more akin to a sledging run all the way to Wengernalp as the gently sloping gradient bears round to the right.

It is worth stopping off at the historic Wengernalp hotel restaurant for a glühwein and the great view of the mountains from the sun terrace.

The runs starts to pick up excitement past Wengernalp and a great view of the Hundschopf jump can be seen by looking up to your right.

The piste then opens up by the Bumps T Bar, with options either side of the T Bar track.

The far side has the excellent Wasch Bar which is great for a drink in the late afternoon sun.

If you chose not to head back up the Bumps T Bar for some more turns, then the route joins with Rennstrecke (#45) for a period - so be careful of faster skiers whizzing by.

Just before the Hanneggschuss section of the Rennstrecke you head to the right to go along a very pretty section through trees, but which can require some poling as it is relatively flat.

You then come out by the Allmend train station: Later in the season it may be worth getting the train down from there if you are not too confident, as the bottom section can hold poor snow and is always busy as it is the only route into Wengen town.

The first section below Allmend is an open alpine meadow, but as you come into the outskirts of Wengen it starts to narrow and can become very cut up.

There are a couple of bars on the way down that can be a good stop off for some Après Ski.

You can then either take a right towards the nursery slopes, or continue down what is essentially a road before stopping and having to walk 50 m or so down some stairs to reach Wengen train station and the main restaurants and hotels.

This run is more of a way to ensure you can ski home and caution really must be taken in the lower section as it is very busy and often there are below average snow conditions despite the improved snowmaking.