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From the market place Amorbach we drive in eastern direction, Schneeberger Straße (follow cycle path signs).

The cycle path to Schneeberg (3-countries cycle path) begins at the cemetery and leads first along the B 47.

The side road leads steadily uphill through the Morre Valley, first to Zittenfelden, then to Hettigenbeuern, which already belongs to Baden-Württemberg.

There we turn right into a forest road, the long, steep gradient of which leads us to Steinbach.

In the small district of Mudau it is worth making a small detour to the St.

Martins Chapel (1), which is well worth seeing.

At the village of Steinbach we turn right after the church towards Mudau.

On the district road we drive with only moderate ascent to Mudau, where the highest point of the tour is reached with 450 m above sea level.

On the new Main-Neckar-Radweg the whole way back goes downhill to Amorbach.

We cycle to Üngert, cross after a while the connecting road to Preunschen and reach the car park below the Wildenburg.

There it is worth stopping for a short break to hike uphill for about 1 km to Wildenburg (2) (follow Nibelungensteig).

After visiting the ruins of the noblemen of Dürrn, we drive back to Amorbach in the valley of the Mud via Buch and the Pullvermühle.

At the entrance to Amorbach, after crossing the state road, we turn left into Im Ehrlein, continue straight on Steinerne Gasse and then turn right into Löhrstraße.

From here it is only a few metres to the former Abbey of Amorbach with the famous Fürstliche Abteikirche (3).

Please note that the road between Zittenfelden and Hettigenbeuern is approx.

800 m gravel road, as well as between Buch and Amorbach (approx.

200 m).

Between Mudau and northern parking lot Wildenburg the condition is not known.