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Difficult marathon round around Rachel, Lusen and Mittagsberg - don't forget your ID! We start at the glass museum in Frauenau, drive via Flanitzhütte along the cycle path to Spiegelau.

In Spiegelau we go over the forest playground to the national park cycle path, we follow this to Mauth, there we take the road into the Reschbachtal, past the "Museumsdorf" to the border crossing Buchwald.

Shortly after the border turn left following the signs for the Modrava cycle path, from Modrava follow the signs for Javori Pila (maple saw) and Prasily (Rehberg), from Stubenbach turn left along the stream - after approx.

3 km take the steep hiking trail up to the right to the former village of Obersteinlberg" and continue to the border crossing "Gesenget" and back along the Böhmweg, down to Scheuereck and back via Spiegelhütte and Jungmeierhütte.

Here we turn right through the forest to Oberzwieselau, at the steam saw we reach the cycle path in the direction of Frauenau, cross the St2132 to Flanitzer Straße and immediately turn left again into the hiking path to Frauenau.

We cross the railway line at the level of the new development area and take the footpath along the railway embankment back to the Glasmuseum Frauenau.

Rules of conduct and safety informationThe national park philosophy "Let nature be nature" enables natural forest development.

This also includes dying trees.

Please pay special attention to the danger of falling deadwood, especially in strong winds.

In the core area, there is a rule of the marked paths, i.e.

the marked paths must not be left, especially in winter, in order to protect stress-prone animals such as the capercaillie.

All information and rules of conduct can be found on the site of the Bavarian Forest National Park.