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With its 527 kilometres, the Main is the longest right tributary of the Rhine.

Its arcs, curves and loops are accompanied by the Main hiking trail.

Characteristic for the river are its valley meanders, which form mainly where the Main flows through shell limestone and red sandstone.

The Spessart-Mainland section of the trail begins in the three-river town of Gemünden a.


From here the path follows the Main quadrilateral and visits the historically influenced places such as Lohr a.

Main, Wertheim and Miltenberg in the valley and from there climbs up again and again to the heights.

A special feature is the large number of castles that tower over the Main River in mighty defiant heights and not only offer breathtaking views, but also make history an experience.

They are lined up along the Main like a string of pearls: Scherenburg, Schönrain Ruin, Rothenfels Castle, Wertheim Castle, Henneburg, Collenburg, Freudenburg, Mildenburg, Clingenburg etc.

From Kreuzwertheim and then further from Bürgstadt there is another tasty special feature: Here, in the west of the Main quadrilateral, where the Buntsandstein- Spessart falls steeply down to the Main, the soils are particularly suitable for the cultivation of red wine.

And so now sun-drenched vines characterize the picture, partly even still cultivated on steep terraces.

Climate, terroir and the art of our winegrowers have already led to many a high award for the reds of the region.

The cultural highlight of the tour awaits you before the crowning end of nature with the Rückersbach Gorge: the residential town of Aschaffenburg with the mighty Johannisburg Castle.

Tip: From here, the tour can be combined with the Spessartweg 1 (see p.

6, approx.

40 km to Lohr a.

Main) for a great circular walk.

Alternatively there are regular regional trains back to Gemünden a.