A Green with a view









Saddleback is a cruising green and the easiest way into the Back Bowls.

Take the Top of the World Chair and head left to the Green Cat track that surrounds the Saddleback Bowl.

You will traverse around the bowl.

Straightahead around the bend is Rodney's Ridge and just below that, Hour Glass, two very steep Black Diamonds.

Continue around the corner which eventually meet up at the bottom of Saddleback Bowl.

The view on this entire run is amazing.

To your right you have Redoubt Mountain and to the left is Richardson Ridge.

You will eventually meet up with the cat track that will bring you to the Paradise chair and further down, the Larch and Ptarmigan Chair that can further explore this back bowls area.

This is a great green, but might be a bit much for true beginners.

A great introduction to the Back Bowls.