FATMAP difficulty grade



Although this route is a mountain bike route, it is a real pleasure for touring cyclists, without any technical difficulties.

In addition, the Zellertalradweg leads for the most part over asphalt and makes it, apart from a few short, up to 17% steep climbs, beginner-friendly.

As an additional delicacy, sculptures by various artists from the region will be exhibited along the route.

More detailed information can be obtained from the tourist information offices of the neighbouring municipalities of Bad Kötzting, Arnbruck and Bodenmais.

Right from the start in Bad Kötzting, you drive out of town on tarred roads and up the first small hill to Grub.

Here one crosses the country road and then follows small, paved agricultural paths through farming villages to Arnbruck.

Shortly before the glass place with the famous company Weinfurtner, it applies to overcome the heaviest rise with 17% gradient.

On the further way to Drachselsried a few short gravel passages follow before the long ascent towards Riedlberg.

The following descent down to Mais is then the only part on a forest path and should be done with caution.

One crosses the small place Mais then already again on tar and after a short departure still another 1-Kilometer rise lies before the goal in Bodenmais.

Conclusion: more trekking than mountain bike tour with some sights