FATMAP difficulty grade



The scenically varied tour on predominantly natural paths is also suitable for beginners.

From Zwiesel we go through the Stockauwiesen nature reserve up to the Hennenkobel, where we have a magnificent view of the Zwieseler Winkel.

The tour starts in the Karl-Herold-Straße in Zwiesel (near the campsite).

From here we walk past the AWO and the children's playground and follow the Rote 27.

Soon the forest is reached and on the wide forest path we take the second crossroad to the left, direction Innenried.

We walk a short distance along the edge of the forest and enjoy the wonderful view of the glass city.

Relatively quickly we turn back into the forest and meet a wide forest road.

Always following the red 27, a short, steep ascent awaits us, at the end of which we turn left onto a narrow forest path.

After a short steep downhill stretch we reach the Stockauwiesen nature reserve.

We cross the Michelsbach on a small path and follow the ascent to Außenried.

Here we leave the forest and turn right into the hiking trail Grüne 10 in the direction of Hennenkobel.

On a rooted forest floor we continue into the forest until we reach the hiking trail Grüne 24 and follow it on the right hand side.

This is followed by a constant increase that demands stamina and endurance.

Soon we discover the sign "Hennenkobel around the rocks" and follow the path to the summit.

A real Trailrunning pleasure: on narrow, rooted, with a few stones provided and for the most part softly springy forest paths we walk past gigantic stone formations.

The last meters of altitude become more rocky and shortly before the summit cross steps lead us up.

Arrived there we are rewarded by a fantastic view over the Zwieseler Winkel and the Bayerwaldberge.

On the red 4 it goes then also already again downhill.

The path with its leaf, root and stone passages is perfect for technique training for beginners.

At the bottom we follow the sandy road, cross the lower part of the Rabensteiner ski slope and walk along the edge of the forest to the big clearing.

We follow the Red 4 to Innenried, where we leave the forest and meet a meadow path.

We follow it for about 30 meters and immediately turn left.

We follow the path, pass a cottage shortly afterwards, turn left into the forest and come to the paths along the fitness path.

On the Red 27 we return to the starting point.