A narrow cruisy run with beautiful vistas of the Wasatch Range









Georgeanna doesn’t only possess some of the best views of Park City, but also acts as a great progression for early intermediates from the easier blue runs of the mountain, such as Jonesy’s, to introduce them to narrower runs of a similar pitch.

The top section of Georgeanna is quite flat and one can enjoy the incredible vistas from the top of McConkey’s, whilst appreciating the intimidating runs of the McConkey’s Bowl to the left.

The run then drops into an enjoyable consistent fall line getting slightly steeper in short sections before snaking left to join with Woodside, allowing for a simple easy descent to McConkey’s or Pioneer lifts.

Georgeanna tends not to get too busy due to it’s isolation away from the busier areas of the resort, which leads to the snow surface being smoother and less chopped up, yet in the early season and late season it can become icy in some areas.

Although this run does hold the snow well, when the snow is thin beware of tree stumps and roots on the side of the run, as they can be unmarked and close to the surface.

Once one feels like they have improved their skills with this run, a good place to find the next step up would be in the King Con area with runs such as Eureka or Sitka.