A faster rolling cruise along a tree lined run


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Another World is known to be one of the most enjoyable blue runs in Canyons, renowned for its ability to be enjoyed by early intermediates as a challenge, and an early morning wake up for the more rehearsed.

With wide slopes and an enjoyable undulating pitch which rolls its way down past houses and aspens and into the pine glades, with the odd lone tree set in the middle of the piste to carve around, Another World is an exciting challenge for early intermediates, but enjoyable for all abilities none the less.

The top section begins to slope away from the Tombstone lift, before narrowing out for a bridge to cross, which leads onto the main wide area of the run, allowing plenty of space to practise the turns, or enjoy the some scenic cruising, towards the end of the run, one will veer left and drop down a slightly steeper incline, leading underneath the Tombstone Lift, it’s a fairly flat run out to the lift, but a relaxing breather through the trees nonetheless.

However on busy days, take caution and stay aware in this area as it can become fairly congested, as it acts as a funnel of skiers from other runs.

Another World as well as the runs around it, tend to hold the snow well, and on powder days, its always good to duck through some of the trees on the side of the run, yet take care on the sunnier brighter days, as the drop before running under the Tombstone Lift line, can become icy.