Steindalsbreen Glacier Hike - Lyngen


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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Steindalsbreen hike is an incredible trail that amazes every adventurer out there.

It has an easy beginning, and in the end, if you want, you can even walk/climb up the glacier. HOW TO GET THERE: Between Oteren and Lyngseidet lies Steindalsbreen.

If you are coming from Lyngseidet it is a distance of 26km, and should take about 30min driving.

If you are coming from Oteren, it is a distance of 16km and takes about 18min driving.

Close to the glacier is a Parking place where you can park your car, and from there you can already start your hike. THE HIKE: The hike starts in a very terrain that leads uphill before it flattens out on the last section up to the Steindalshytta cabin.

The cabin is about 2.2 kilometers from the beginning of the trail.

terrain and remain for most of the time so.

It accompanies the river flowing from the glacier, so apart from being a very well signalized trail, you can always see the river, which leads directly to the parking place back again. Along the hike you will be able to witness the landscape changing as you walk up the mountain, from more dense OPTIONAL: If you are more adventurous you can walk/climb up the Glacier.

For that you need all the equipment required for climbing and hiking in ice.

Don’t save money for this part.

If you have the equipment, the view from up there is really amazing and worth it. Some families with older children even do this part of the trail, so although it’s not that easy, it’s also not that hard.

RECOMMENDATIONS: - Bring water with you, as there is only natural water on the first half of the trail; - Remember you are hiking in Norway, prepare yourself for that. - Always take an extra layer of clothes and good boots.

- Be careful with the weather conditions because it can change quickly, as even on sunny days, it can suddenly become a freezing weather.

If you happen to catch one of these bad weather days, remember a saying from norvegian hiking culture that is: “Nature does not care about your ego”, there is no shame in going back.