Steep Open Chute on the Wall









Jackpot is a large open chute on the left side of the wall.

To find this run exit off the Top of the World Chair and proceed to the gates directly in front of you.

Enter the wall area and head left to the Jackpot area past The Beast.

It might be a good idea to scout out this run and area from below Wounded Knee to get a good idea of the entrance and terrain.

On a sunny day with fresh powder this run is amazing.

The area is a local favorite and can see heavy traffic, but when conditions are good this area is awesome.

There are some cliffs and rock outcrops that you can launch off.

Aptly named the Jackpot, this area usually holds fresh pow.

Descend the chute to Kiddies Corner and back to the Paradise Chair to head back up to the top of the mountain.

You can either choose to continue exploring the back bowls or pop over to the front of the mountain.

The wall is a very steep area, and if you're in to steeps this is a good place to be.