A big, gladed area on the California side









Powderbowl Woods offers some of the best glades skiing on the California side of the mountain.

Simply exit the Powderbowl lift to the right and follow the short traverse around.

You can continue straight to follow the boundary line, but take a few side steps up towards skier's right before then to access a wider variety of terrain.

Powderbowl offers the best of both worlds...

you can find tight trees the whole way down, or keep an eye our for wider areas that are bathed in sunlight (lots of these spots can be found towards skiers left, about 100 in from the boundary line).

The pitch never gets very steep, so intermediate bumps skiers won't feel too intimated.

As you descend, start making your way to skier's right to limit the distance you'll have to traverse back towards the right to hop back on the lift and have another go.