A steep, and often deep, drop with a few trees up top


Analysing terrain data








Thrasher can live up to its name if you want it to, yet it has a great feel good factor to it, with an enjoyable pitch which is fantastic in deep winter around January.

The few trees on the run can be used as warm ups for glades and tree skiing by getting to grips with weaving around and dipping between them.

Take care when the sun is out as is can become icy in places especially midway down the slope after grooming, even when the side of the run holds powder.

If your into hard charging, Thrasher is a great warm up run to get to grips with snow conditions and moguls when it hasn't been groomed, and although relatively tame to some of the terrain, some can still take a thrashing from her.

Once again it is a fantastic run to try for intermediates after gaining confidence on double blues.