Avy prone ski chute that is a blast when conditions are right


Analysing terrain data









The exposure grade does not take into account objective hazards (stone fall, seracs, etc) but only the consequences of the skier falling.

Low Exposure (E1): Exposure is limited to that of the slope itself. Getting hurt is still likely if the slope is steep and/or the snow is hard.

Medium Exposure (E2): As well as the slope itself, there are some obstacles (such as rock outcrops) which could aggravate injury.

High Exposure (E3): In case of a fall, death is highly likely.

Extreme Exposure (E4): In case of a fall, the skier faces certain death.

In case of a fall, death is highly likely.


After skiing a tight ridge line down and up silly fun features, you come to an aspect with choices to drop left or right of the tree lined ridge.

Lower Alta chutes is to the left next to a rock ledge.

Plummet through this open chute fast into an open bowl face and ski the fall line down to the trees.

This spot is highly prone to Avalanches so check the report, go one at a time, and don’t put other nearby riders at risk.

This face will eventually dump you onto the cat trail that leads you back to Grouse.

But traverse right at the bottom.