A true green with many new skiers on it


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This is a great run to learn how to ski on.

Take the Strawberry Express and the view of Lookout Mountain (8954 ft) on your left.

Once you unload off the chair lift, head towards the flat section towards your left.

Snowboarders may have to walk a bit before strapping up.

Continue on the flat section and take in the cliffs above on your left on the Headwall and Garbage Chutes.

On a good pow day if can be fun to watch locals send it off these medium sized cliffs.

The Dell will lead you on a nice mellow run that leads to a valley between Mt Standish and Strawberry.

More advanced riders can surf across the left wall of Mt Standish, but beginners have a great wide run to learn on.

The Dell Valley will eventually open up on the bottom of the Strawberry face and lead you back to the Strawberry Express Chairlift or continue to the upper village.