The Easy Green chair run with scenary


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Rock Isle Road is a great beginners run that offers fantastic scenery to beginners of all ages.

Take the Strawberry Express to the top of the hill.

Straight ahead you will get a great view of Rock Isle Lake and the Quartz Ridge.

Take a skiers left to the open run.

The first pitch is the steepest, but easy enough for every rider.

You will continue to the left where you will get a great view of Lookout Mt on your right hand side.

Keep speed on the middle flat section that will funnel into options on your right and left with little tree pockets.

Continue straight ahead and you will end up at the Angel Express and upper village or keep up your speed to head over the knoll and back at the Strawberry Express Chair.

This long run offers many options to cut right or left along the way and explore.

The run is very wide to accommodate beginners who are just learning the ropes, so keep the speed in check.