An out of the way Black. Little traffic, awesome runs.


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This is a local area.

Take the Standish Express and enjoy the view of Lookout Mountain (8954 ft) on your left and Twin Carins (8354 ft) on your right.

Once you unload continue straight ahead.

On your right you will see a monument telling you that you are about to pass into the BC boarder! Continue into Beautiful BC towards the Black Diamonds and Avalanche signs on your far right, next to the rope.

You are in avalanche terrain, so best to have a partner and the tools with you.

Below you is a great black diamond that you can either funnel right over Strawberry hill towards the Great Divide Express chairlift or follow right to meet up with the Dell Valley.

Snowboarders will have a great time heading left and surfing the Headwall all the way to garbage chutes.

Think of Laryx more as a zone then a run and open up the possibilities on this wall.

The cliffs below the Headwall offer deep pow, but beware of sharks! Meet up with Dell Valley and continue left towards the Standish Express or straight ahead for the upper village.